Green Logistics_Helping you achieve your Sustainability Goal

Our sustainability perspective

Our outlook to sustainability comprises of a set of measure within the logistics value chain with the aim of helping you achieve your corporate environmental impact goals with regards sustainability and carbon reduction.

However, being a sustainable company also brings economic benefit, in addition to preserving nature and society. We are here to serve you!

Growing and Supporting Communities

Working with the communities and building strong relationships with our truckers is a major driver to our sustainable goal. because of their immense support, we can serve you.

Environmental Supervision

TruckMoov essential drive is to be mindful of the part Trucks plays in the emission of pollutant such as CO2 to the atmosphere and the risk of waste in the logistics process.

Food security

The modern cold chain transportation system seeks to save an estimated 15 million metric tons of perishable goods lost annually to spoilage and damage due to poor logistics infrastructure. TruckMoov Technology will enable cold chain truckers to provide support to farmers in the agricultural centres to bring fresh produce, including onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, okra, ginger and carrots, intact and unspoiled to market centres.

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